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What should I pay attention to when choosing a fast food box?

Update:16 Dec 2020

First of all, qualified disposable fast food boxes are […]

First of all, qualified disposable fast food boxes are tasteless, good disposable fast food boxes, here specifically refers to plastic disposable fast food boxes, this kind of fast food boxes are often without any impurities added, there is no taste. When buying, you should also look at the fast food box in the light, and secondly, check whether the fast food box has a qualified mark.
At present, the main disposable snack boxes on the market are mostly made of PP plastic. The disposable lunch boxes made of this material are relatively safe and environmentally friendly. They can also be rapidly frozen and heated, and can be directly heated in a microwave oven. The product quality is also According to the national health standards, I believe that disposable lunch boxes of this material can well replace most of the lunch boxes.
I also remind everyone that when using disposable fast food boxes, whether it is the kind of transparent packaging box or the fast food box of a fast food restaurant, you should pay attention to its temperature range. This kind of fast food box is generally used. Made of polypropylene PP raw materials, the temperature range of this kind of raw materials is about minus 20 degrees to 120 degrees, and the meals we usually eat have grease, and they are often just out of the pot, and some of the just out of the pot contains grease The temperature of the food can reach more than 200 degrees. If it is immediately put in the fast food box, it will cause the fast food box to become too hot and deform, and even release plasticizers, which will affect human health. Therefore, you should pay more attention to this when using it.

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