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Which tableware is the safest to choose?

Update:01 Nov 2021

1. Aluminum tableware But be careful not to buy aluminu […]

1. Aluminum tableware
But be careful not to buy aluminum tableware, because aluminum tableware will cause desquamation when used. This is also an unavoidable thing. Aluminum ions are too easy to form, and once they are formed into our body, it is also easy to cause Irreversible damage, especially to children and the elderly, can cause memory loss, insomnia, and dreams.
Therefore, if you want to buy aluminum tableware, it is better to use ceramic tableware instead, because ceramic tableware has no toxic side effects. Of course, this is also based on the quality of the ceramic tableware we buy, so choose Buying ceramic tableware is perfect.
2. Ceramic tableware
Ceramics can be said to be a good material, but in order to make ceramic tableware look more beautiful, some illegal businesses choose some unsafe materials when coloring them. These materials are easy to precipitate after being heated and cause harm to the human body.
Among ceramic tableware, it is better to choose lead-free glaze, which is also a good one among ceramic tableware. After all, ceramic tableware is a trend now. When 80% of families choose tableware materials, the first choice is ceramic tableware. Such materials are generally environmentally friendly and green.
3. Stainless steel cutlery
Stainless steel tableware has gradually become a big craze for people to buy. Stainless steel tableware is good, but there are certain taboos in its use. We need to pay attention to it all the time.
For example, when stainless steel tableware is used to hold food, do not hold strong acidic foods, and strong alkaline foods should not be served, otherwise it will easily stimulate toxic metal elements and cause harm to the body. We are sure to use it. It is not easy to master, and a little carelessness will cause irreversible damage.
4. Glass tableware
It is clean and hygienic and does not contain toxic substances. But glass tableware can also "mouldy" sometimes. This is because the glass is corroded by water for a long time, and the sodium silicate in the glass reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonic acid crystals, which are harmful to human health, so it can be removed with alkaline detergents during use.
5. Plastic tableware
Currently considered safe plastic meals include polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene plastic products and so on. When purchasing and using it, you must pay attention to confirm which type of plastic the plastic belongs to. Recycled plastics, plastics with dark pigments, and non-food plastics must not be used for holding or packaging food, otherwise, it may be harmful to the human body. Cause poisoning.
6. Bamboo tableware
Bamboo tableware is generally made of bamboo as the main material. It is machined and shaped, and then dried, decorated and crafted to make the bamboo more exquisite. Bamboo tableware is very practical. Generally speaking, people of the older generation prefer to use bamboo tableware, because it is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, not easy to mold, and has a good smell.
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo tableware:
Bamboo tableware is generally made into a set of utensils for various purposes, such as a set of tableware, spoons, shovel, etc., and the common one is bamboo tableware. Bamboo tableware is durable and durable, and the price is cheap, but the air permeability is very general, so it also has a good insulation effect, can keep the food fresh and delicious for a long time, it is also more heat-resistant than other materials, and it is not toxic. Substances affect human health.
Disadvantages: No one is perfect, and nothing is perfect. Of course, bamboo tableware also has its drawbacks. Bamboo tableware is prone to mold, especially in the rainy and humid seasons. The humid environment will speed up the moldy rate of bamboo tableware. After we clean it, we put the bamboo tableware in a ventilated place to keep it dry. Moreover, once the bamboo tableware becomes moldy, it is not easy to clean.
7. Enamel tableware
Enamel tableware is really a very good kind of tableware. It is not only easy to keep warm, but also has very few toxic and harmful substances. However, because of the high cost and complex process, it is slowly disappearing.

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